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Комфортные будни и замечательные выходные в центре Коломны

Kolomna - one of the most interesting ancient cities in Russia. The official year of when Kolomna was founded is 1177 (first mentioned in the chronicles).

The City located in the south-east of Moscow region, at that time was on the border of the Vladimir-Suzdal and Ryazan principality. The situation is constantly forced to defend themselves against the nomads, not once to rise from the ruins.

Kolomna, standing on three rivers (Oka, Moscow, Kolomenka), was a favorite city of Dmitry Donskoy, Ivan the Terrible's residence, place of confinement of Marina Mnishek. The historical part of Kolomna is like an open air museum consists of the architectural monuments of XIV-XIX centuries. There are numerous of fascinating legends about the Kremlin towers and churches. Most of the merchant tenements in Kolomna preserved intact till XX century.

In ancient times, five monasteries, as the five heroes protected Kolomna. Time has saved four Kolomna monastery though.

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