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First mentioned in chronicles in 1177. Kolomna - one of the oldest cities in Russia. The town was founded on the beautiful high bank of the Moskva River. From an economic point of view, place of foundation of the city was chosen very well: the confluence of the Moscow and Oka was a crossroad of major water trade routes. And the location of the city was exceptionally favorable strategically and allowed to control the territory of the upper and lower reaches of the Oka to the pool of the Moscow River.

The city's name is associated with the common Slavic root "kolo" (circle, circle) or the Turks word "Kolm" (grave, cemetery). Historians believe that the frontier fortress town of Kolomna founded by Ryazan Prince Gleb to strengthen their borders and strengthen economic, political and strategic position of Ryazan. Since that time, many of the goods from the south to Vladimir began to transfer through the Kolomna.

In the second half of XIX - early XX century after the construction of the City of Kolomna Machine-Building Plant is becoming one of the largest industrial centers of Russia. In March 1869 the plant produced the first steam locomotive, in 1903 - three thousand. In addition, the plant produced bridges, including Borodino, Krasnokholmsky, Moskvoretsky and Crimea in Moscow, Foundry and Palace in St. Petersburg, the bridge across the Dnieper River in Kiev, produced cars, riverboats locomobiles, dredging machine looms.

Today Kolomna is an independent modern city, industrial, transport and cultural center of Moscow region. There are all conditions for comfortable and civilized living here. Widely spread infrastructure is a set of elements of school, pre-school and higher education, commerce, medicine. Residential complexes include not only comfortable apartments, but also parking lots, playgrounds and sports facilities. That is why many people who decide to purchase a house – opt for Kolomna.

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